User folders for captures

With thousands of neural captures, having the option of creating more user folders for the captures is very helpful for organizing and navigating.

Agreed! It would be great to organize captures by make / model / level of gain and what not.

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Factory captures also need a directory system, grouped into folders by amp in the list for example. It’s a drag going through thousands of factory captures, with dozens of variations on each amp. Text search is ok, but sometimes you can’t remember what they called a particular device.


very need, much important, vote pls

The new search is very helpful, but this is still really needed

This might be another area where perhaps in addition to folders that contain the actual captures, there is also a virtual capture list, much like a virtual set list. The capture lists would be a group of pointers to the capture’s storage location.

That way the captures can be grouped and ordered any way you want and not solely reliant on, extensive and useful as they are, only the current search and ordering options. It also allows you to create multiple capture lists that refer to the same capture(s) without having to copy the captures to multiple locations. You know the drill.

You might, for example, have logical groupings (“Capture Lists”) based on a specific band or recording project, My Favorites, etc… Any kind of grouping not currently available via search. With capture lists available, even if they added a folder system, I would probably find myself having to move captures around less frequently. Virtual capture lists could be useful.

Voted, sir. Yes, post must be at least 15 characters. But organizing any aspect of life - like putting captures in proper folders for easier maintenance is great idea.