Import Impulse response from Plini

Hi, i have an one question.
I want to buy an Archetype Plini plugin and i have boss gt-1000 process with function to load impulse responce. Can i import an impulse from plugin in the .wav format ? or how i can get impulse response or buy it ? Do you provide this type of service ?

Check this video :slight_smile:

I think OP wants to load Plini IRs into his Boss gt1000. Is there a folder with IRs or are they compiled into the executable and dll?

Yes, I want to load Plini IRs to the Boss GT-1000. Is it possible or i can buy this extention ?

I don’t think you can get to them, but someone at NDSP can say for sure.

If you cannot get the Plini IRs, I highly recommend checking out OwnHammer IRs. Most of the demos on their site are more rock and metal oriented, but Jon at Sonic Drive Studios on YouTube has many videos that have great sounding cleans thru OwnHammer. I’m more a clean to crunch player and I love them.

Thanks to your recommendation. I know these IRs. but I wish take same sound on all my platforms)