Ignore redundant incoming Midi changes


I looked and could not see a feature request for this yet.

It would be great if the Quad Cortex could be set up to ignore redundant MIDI commands.
For example: I am using another Midi footswitch to control my Quad Cortex that is sitting in a rack.

I have it programmed for each switch to select a certain Setlist, Preset and the Scence within that Preset.
Even if I am changing between two scenes within the same preset, the audio cuts out and there is a delay - as it reloads the setlist & preset.
It would be great if the quad cortex could ignore the redundant messages to change setlist/preset for when it is just the scene changing so that the gap in audio/the change no longer happens.

Due to the current limitations, I have 1 switch set up to select the preset and then another 8, one for each scene. But that way it would not jump to the correct preset, should I not already be within the preset I desireā€¦

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Quick Update: I am happy to see that this issue has been addressed in the new firmware and there is now the option to set the Quad Cortex to ignore duplicate Program Changes.,