I'd love to see a good guitar noise suppressor, like C-AXE

I have a QC, and also a Universal Audio Apollo Twin. They released a new software update this week which has this:

It is, hands-down, the best guitar noise suppressor I’ve ever heard. The neck pickup on my Strat is completely useless to me, because of all the electrical interference in my house, but plugging that into the signal chain, even downstream from the QC, took that awful noise down to almost zero with very little (if any) tone degradation.

I’d love to see something like this as a plugin option in the QC itself. As I mentioned, I can only really use this downstream from the QC, which means after any and all FX are applied. It seems like the best use of this plugin would be as the very first thing in the signal chain, perhaps only after a noise gate.

Agree!!! Super cool Supressor if you have an apollo, also im so in love with la2a and pulteq devices as well already proposed those for voting

A Neural/UA collaboration would be great.

Hi, I don’t know about this noisegate but I was thinking to make a future request to have a noise gate “A la Kemper”.

The Kemper noisegate is so much better than the Neural, the Kemper is very less noisy than the QC even without the noise gate but the noise gate of the Kemper is magical for me, it make the noises going away (like completely) even when you are playing !

I don’t mean a noise gate. The C-Axe digitally removes the electrical hum from a guitar signal, like the hum from the neck pickup on a Strat.

Yeah…don’t hold your breath on that. (-; a more likely route would be getting the C-Axe software to run on the QC.

I’ve been using an EHX Humdinger with my old SG Special and my Teles. It does the job in my messy electrical situation. Even with a power conditioner and everything into that, I get hum and can even hear the surges from the washer sometimes. The Humdinger gets most of it and doesn’t really change the gain or tone that I can tell.