Hybrid Mode: Top Row = Presets/Bottom Row = Scenes

I’m also waiting for that.

AX8 is great there.

Kemper Stage too.

Even the humble Atomic 6 (I love it) has a very interesting and flexible approach to it.

What does it all mean?

It means we will have a very good hybrid mode with our QCs. Granted :wink:

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I really need scenes on the top row and stomps on the bottom row

I’d like an hybrid mode where I can choose what does each footswitch do.

Why should it be limited to top row and bottom row and only 2 modes instead of 3?

The greatest way to do it is that where you decide, for each footswitch, to be preset, scene, or stomp.

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An easy thing to integrate that would vastly improve the flexibility in stomp mode would be a flip-flop capability (like on GigRig Quartermasters). All you’d need to do is add a flip-flop switch next to the foot switch number assignment button - this could then simply be toggled on or off per device/block.

…it would also be cool if they could add secondary functions to foot switches; for instance, a double press toggles between alternative settings &/or devices (i.e. cycling through alternative drive pedals that one has inserted on their grid). Momentary functionality would also be cool as it would allow the user to add specific functions to pressing & holding a switch (I’d personally like to use that for pitch shifting effects like one can on the Digitech Whammy DT). If both of these things were to be implemented then each foot switch could be used to activate or deactivate multiple devices (all drive pedals stacked on one foot switch for instance) & also to execute specific tasks like pitch shifting, volume swells, hold functions etc. with a press & hold.

The more I think about this request, the simpler it needs to be. Instead of the Top Row THIS, Bottom Row THAT, just have a toggle on every footswitch to make that switch STOMP or SCENE. The user can then customize the eight switches however he/she needs.

That function, combined with Option for MOMENTARY would open endless options.

Imagine a Momentary Scene that turns on Tremolo, Distortion, Octave, etc, just for a measure of the song (or whatever you need)!

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I like it. That would be incredibly powerful

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Thanks. I think we tend to overlook the much simpler solution sometimes. Just make each footswitch’s function defined by the user, not by row, etc.

I’m starting to worry that no matter what they implement it’s not going to make everyone happy

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Well done, that was a much simpler way of putting what it took me two posts to say (minus the secondary functionality that is but perhaps that complicates matters a bit too much)! :wink: Haha.

Is there a way of modifying your feature request to reflect that or will you be posting it as a new thread? I’ll definitely cast my vote for flip-flop capability (i.e. independent assignable scene or stomp modes for each block) & assignable momentary functionality. This would be my number one priority request but I didn’t want to post it as a whole new thread when you already had this one going.

Perhaps a moderator could chime in as to whether my idea should be a new thread or making the programmers could take this idea into account if other users like this evolution of the request.

Apologies, for some reason I thought you were the person who created this thread (my mistake).

I’d like to think they take everyone’s comments into account when reviewing these feature request threads & you echoing what I had already said should only strengthen our case. The hybrid mode is apparently on the way though so I guess we shall soon see! :slightly_smiling_face: