How would you run a UA Dream 65 Pedal through the QC? Would you?

I was thinking that could a person run the Dream 65 amp pedal into the QC with no IR loaded in the Dream and then have the possibility of using one of the many Speaker cabs that are in the QC? Does the make any sense?

If I did what would be the best routing? Would I run the Dream into the effects loop and have it in front of the speaker cab in the QC? I am not sure if it is going to improve on any of the built in amps, but was wondering. Since I have both. Any input is appreciated. Thanks

I depends on how much of the QC capabilities you want to use. If its just cabs and ambient effects, then I would just run the Dream 65 into the regular input(s) and then route through the blocks on the QC you want. If you want to use some of the QC OD pedals in front of the Dream 65, then you’d need to use the FX Loop block on the QC and put the 65 in that.

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Hey man,
Thanks for the response. You know it would help if I even knew what I wanted! :wink: Which I don’t. But it is nice to know that I could try that sometime just for the fun of it. The way things are now is I leave my QC at home on my desk and the Dream is on my pedal board with my Halo, Cloudburst, and a few other pedals. It is nice because I have a definite sound that works for church and I leave it alone so my sound guy doesn’t get upset and at home on the QC I can mess around and not worry about what sound I have on at any moment. Great to see you here in the forum. God bless.