How to connect Behringer FCB1010 to Mac


what’s the best way to connect FCB1010 to Mac?

Will this setup work or there is a better way?

FCB => Mac USB-C, guitar to the second USB-C through iRig

Will the standalone Archetype application work in this way with FCB or do I have to connect both through a soundcard?

Any ideas or links on more information are more than welcomed.


In order to connect the FCB1010 to your computer, you’ll need either an audio interface with 5-pin MIDI functionality (like the Focusrite Scarlett line or Universal Audio Volt line) or a standalone MIDI-to-USB interface. The FCB1010 doesn’t have USB connectivity built in. If going the audio interface route, you’ll only need one USB port on your computer. If going the MIDI-to-USB route in conjunction with the iRig, you’ll need a USB port for each.

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@Bando Thank you. I never did it so I was ensure about physical devices connection. It’s working.

I’ve used MIDI-to-USB path over WIDI Jack instead of physical cable (Bluetooth MIDI). It’s working properly. I can’t hear any delay even with expression pedals.

Awesome! Glad to hear you’ve got it working!