How could I simulate double tracking better live?

Pulled the trigger on a QC today! wippeee…

New project where I’m the only guitar. Plan on using stereo potentials to the max. Was thinking of options to widen up the stereo field without delays/verb - imagine power chords and chugs.

So 'ye old studio way you’d double track, different guitars, amp, pedals, cab to your heart’s content. The minute differences in frequency response and playing diff, then hard panned LR widens the field, gives you this effect.

First part is easy, second is the hard part.

Was thinking on a very VERY short time delay (no feedback) on just one side, modulated by an LFO within a range, to introduce some variance to the delay, otherwise I could end up being very boring and phasey.

Would love to hear your ideas!

There are some double-track style presets on the cloud but I do what you are thinking and just place some delays and reverbs, I think I used a pitch block as well and set for micro pitch. It doesn’t sound spot on but close enough. The Petrucci plug-in has a nice double track feature which I hope end up on the QC at some point.

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Cheers for that!

yeah, hadn’t thought of micro pitching, definitely a nice add-on. Will search the cloud for inspiration, chewing my nails for the QC to arrive :laughing:

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Another option is a TC Electronic Mimiq pedal.

There are a few requests for it, go and vote for it :slight_smile:

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Actually have done a pretty decent job, QC is truly amazing and easy to dial in. Would definitely love to take if to the next level. Having a dedicated “mimiq” would indeed be great, but I’d argue the base would be an assignable LFO to individual block parameters, with range option. Just like any 'ol synth. Already have a feature req. us, feel free to up vote - Tap Tempo to have block paramater assignable LFO

Set up a simple delay with sub Haas millisecond offset, would be great to have it range and not at a fixed parameter. Can do it with wow and flutter, but that takes up yet another block delay just for that purpose

Mimiq has 3 knobs and 1 switch. The switch is basically the number of overdubs, then you have

  • Tightness - from perfect double track, which is boring, to heavily modulated
  • Effect - Volume of the double track
  • Dry - usual wet dry

Mimiq is actually a little limited. It is not immediate how to manipulate the stereo field. You don’t always want it hard panned LR.

so the QC already does the Mimiq 95% and then much more - we just need the LFO option to blow it out of the water.

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