Highest headroom amp?

Which amp would you say has the highest headroom in the QC? I’ve trying to find model with the most versatility.

So far in my testing, I think the marshall jcm 800 (?) Clean has the highest, but that may be due in part to the presence control and how it makes the sound perceived.

Kinda shocked the fender twin reverb doesn’t have higher headroom.

I tried out the Friedman 100 watt clean expecting it to have insane headroom, but that hasn’t been my experience. It’s kind of a dark amp too, even on the bright setting imo.

The hiwatt bright is certainly very high headroom, but it’s a very specific sound I don’t always want…maybe with a different cab.


Maybe the Morgan 50?

Bogna Vishnu 20th Clean is practically impossible to break up.