Got my QC today…

Just thought I would say hi ,got my QC today :grinning:

Country / Rockabilly player

Any advice appreciated


-Be patient. New gear takes time to learn and master.
-This is a pretty great community. If you have trouble, just ask for help.
-Don’t forget to play and have fun.


Welcome! Be sure to check out Neural’s YouTube channel for QC deep dives and other channels for tips and tricks for specific scenarios. Also, the QC is extremely easy to use directly out of the box but try and review the current manual etc. Lastly, enjoy!

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Thanks….cannot wait to finish work

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Thanks, cannot wait to finish work

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Yes, indeed, welcome to the forum Gretsch! I think you’ll love your new Quad Cortex. Although I’d consider the QC to be a work in progress, it’s a fantastic tone machine as-is, with lots of options and it’s super intuitive to set up and program. MP Mod is right, you should at least skim the manual so you’ll know what information is in there and where to find it. If you get stuck, there are lots of knowledgeable and helpful folks here.

Thanks , cannot wait for the week end

By the way, I see you’re a Country and Rockabilly player. Let me recommend the Mesa Lone Star (CA 1 Star) and Vox AC30 (UK C30) models as a good starting point for those styles. The Lone Star models are especially versatile,. Everything from warm-yet-chimey cleans to edge-of-breakup to pretty aggressive over-driven tones can be found there.


Appreciate the advice

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Welcome. Great to have a new QC-Player on board. For me the QC got way better, when I use the amalgamcaptures. Your can try them out for free. There is a whole world of great amp captures you can use without much setting up. Just search for amalgamcaptures in the cloud and try them. I use them almost all the time and there are great amps for country, vintage sounds.

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Welcome! I love mine, it was the first unit ever that let my heavy AC30’s to stay at home. The sound definition, clarity and precision are top level.

Enjoy, take your time to dial your sounds. Cortex Cloud is also a good starting point… find similar style presets made by others, also to understand better all the mechanics. Oh and read the manual to know features, parameters, etc.

Also we’re all here to help out :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, will be practising all day today :joy:

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Hey brother Gretsch, welcome to the family! Are you using an amp, or replacing w QC? (I use vintage amps unless I’m flying) I’d say make a patch w your tape slap reverb you like, & tremolo, then start trying out amps w cabs in front of that stuff. Maybe put a QC compressor & an overdrive before the amp & cab sim. Watch the highs on some of the amp captures & models-A lot of em are pretty bright. Just tweak the eq to taste on the amp sim. Twang away!!!

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Welcome. After going down the rabbit hole of auditioning presets I created a preset to simulate my analog rig. I probably should have started there. A great way to audition amps, effects presets, etc. is to place the looper block early in the chain and loop a passage. Gain staging is important. The big volume knob is actually for attenuation and recommended to be all the way up. There’s lots of great tutorial videos on youtube. Cortex Control is an app to control the QC remotely and is pretty handy. Don’t expect headphones to translate well to front of house systems when creating presets. Just a few thoughts. The QC is awesome in my opinion. Congrats!


Thanks for the advice.
Looking forward spending some more tile with the QC this week- end