Global Clock/Midi Tempo Control

Are there any plans to have a global midi clock/tempo control - Master or Slave - for the QC?

Currently, if I run an outside delay or drum loop, there is no way to make the QC the master tempo and those units sync to it automatically.

For rehearsal, with a Helix I am able to tap tempo a song and my Beat Buddy drum machine will automatically follow the tap tempo, as will any of the midi pedals I’m using, through it’s global midi out command. Are we going to see this in the QC any time soon - or at all, for that matter?

This should probably be merged with this: Midi beat clock - #10 by dotdotdarkness

I Agree this is sorely needed along with the request I just voted on which really should be all in one, The ability to send the the bpm with midi out on the tap footswitch. They have implemented midi on the scene footswitches and left it off the tap tempo.

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