Getting M-Audio EX-P Expression Pedal to be recognized in Archetype Petrucci

I tried searching for an explanation on how to do this and couldn’t find anything so I’ll preface this all by saying I’m an absolute novice with any musical devices going into my computer. I have an M-Audio M-Track Duo going into my Intel Mac which works fine in getting my Guitar to the plugins I’m running — I just run the standalone apps. I got a EX-P on a deal on Amazon and hoped that it would be a plug and play sort of action to get it to work, even though I suspected it wouldn’t be. Is there any way to get the EX-P to work without additional hardware or is there something I need extra to get this to work? Ive never been much of a wah user even though I’ve had a few in my time, but it would be nice to use the one in the plugin.

Hi @jciring and welcome to the forum!
In order to use an expression pedal with any DAW/plugin etc., you would need to use a MIDI controller.

Hey @MP_Mod

I have it plugged into the M-Track Duo midi interface on line 2, with the guitar in line 1. I can hear a “swoop” of the pedal as I move it back and forth in the plugin but it doesn’t seem to get recognized as an expression pedal.

There is no MIDI support on the M-Track DUO:

In order to use an expression pedal, it would need to support MIDI to integrate with your DAW/plug-in.

If you are plugging in a normal EXP into a line input via TRS cable etc., you would likely get the exact results you are hearing. If you want to use an expression pedal for wha or whatever, it has to support MIDI, unfortunately there is no way around that.

Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. The EX-P came with next to no info so I was winging it. This was a cheap option I hoped to make work but if I have to get another pedal them’s the breaks. Thanks again.