Axe fx vs the quad cortex

AXE FX VS THE QUAD CORTEX - YouTube This is as fair as a comparison can get. I’m using the same amp model, Di, and ir on both units with the exact same settings dialed in on both amp blocks. Enjoy


I think the sound between the two is pretty comparable. A little EQ or an IR change and there isn’t much of a difference in the sounds I can get. In other words they both sound great.

The AXEFX offers so much more as a device however. It has an editor so you don’t have to get out of your workflow to mess with stuff. I connect some synths to it to use it for compression/fx before going into my Apollo. I use it as an IR loader for rackmount preamps by having stuff routed through a patchbay. It sounds great and is a great studio tool even when not playing guitar. The QC could manage for some of this stuff but it’s workflow is very cumbersome currently for use in a studio. Perhaps they will create a rack version with software.

I have both, but never use the QC. I would like to but they cant make an editor apparently.

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You make some great points. However there is no denying the ease ability of working around in the qc when compared to the axe fx. You can navigate through the quad cortex way quicker than you could with the axe. Unless you’re using the editor like you mentioned. I to prefer to use the axe fx for studio use because of the lack of a computer editor. However when I go play out! I’m taking the quad cortex with me. Can make changes on the fly a lot faster. unless I bring my computer with me

Coming from the Axe FX after picking up my QC yesterday - echoes of the same reason I bought the Axe in the first place - if it can do 90% of what I can get out of a tube amp in a smaller form factor, its worth it! Sure as hell couldn’t chuck my Axe into a backpack, so I’m excited to see where it is in a few years with more updates.

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I still have an ART SGX 2000. I love how tweakable it is. The Axe FX is similar, and overall much better of course. I had my eye on one, or the Kemper. I was ready to drop some cash, and I saw the QC :open_mouth:. With the inputs / outputs, the power it has, and the form factor I was sold. I wasn’t sure about it as it was new, but the first videos I watched convinced me to roll the dice. Man, I’m glad I did!

I do like the depth of control the Axe FX has, but I find dialing the QC in is very easy for me the way it is. I’ve played over a dozen shows already, and it is very user friendly for live setups. I can do duets with tracks on a cheap pa, all the way up to full blown outdoor venues with it. The best part is I can carry everything I need in one trip, and be set to play in minutes. I love the tone I’m getting too :sunglasses: