Fortin nameless pan

i recently purchased the fortin nameless sound plugin
i use reaper as my daw
i don’t find a solution to pan my guitar tracks with the plugin
here is my chain: i created a bus with two guitar tracks, fortin plugin is assigned to the bus, when i want to pan left and right my guitars on each track, it doesn’t affect at all, the only solution is to tick the stereo button in fortin plugin to enable the pan ( in stereo it takes much much cpu usage, my computer doesn’t support)
can’t i pan a mono plugin in a bus?
no problem with other plugins like ezmix
is it a configuration problem in reaper?

Hello @oli.hod. It seems to be working as expected. The Stereo switch will basically make the Plug-In act like two separate instances, and if you leave it at mono by default, it will take both tracks as a single signal since the switch indicates the input mode.

The other option would be to insert an instance of the Plug-In on each track/side. If you’re experiencing performance issues, please take a look at our optimization guides for PC and macOS.

Ok thanks a lot for the fast response!

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