Footswitch functions to the next level! List of important upgrades

I made a list of most crucial footswitch function updates that the Quad Cortex needs. Please give this your vote if you agree and also share your ideas if you have further ones. Since hybrid mode for presets/scenes/stomps is already confirmed I have not listed it.

  • Assign any parameter changes to any footswitch in stomp mode
  • Add push and hold -function to stomp and scene modes. In stomp mode: Ability to assign everything to press-and-hold that one can assign to regular press-function. In scene mode could just be the ability to assign a different scene to the hold function, unless we want to cross over to stomp territory here. But for the sake of simplicity and realism for these update ideas we could keep stomp and scene modes still fully separate for now. In hybrid mode the push-and-hold would still be great benefit for scene mode, giving the ability to access all 8 scenes with 4 footswitches.
  • In scene mode: Ability to assign a footswitch to move back and forth between two (or more) scenes.
  • Alternative to the suggestion above: A second press on a footswitch in scene mode would switch back to previously used scene. This option could also be activated in global settings for those who want to use it, and if it is not activated, one could use the method in previous point to assign rotating specific scenes per footswitch.
  • Option to stop automatically assigning new created effects to stomp footswitches. Now while creating a preset one ends up with totally random footswitches assigned that one needs to “hunt down” and delete from the grid one by one (since there is no footswitch-assignment-center either where one delete these either)
  • Option to have scenes to stay in the most recent SAVED form. That means that if I start on scene A, activate a couple of stomps while on it, move to scene B and then back to scene A, it will not have those previously activated stomps active anymore UNLESS I have saved the preset while those stomps were active on scene A. This could be a global option in the settings.
  • Footswitch assignment center, where one can directly see all footswitch assignments and modify / create new ones in one place.
  • Option to stop tap tempo from bringing up the tap tempo options on screen
  • Ability to name our footswitches in stomp mode. Right now too many of my stomps on performance mode just read “multiple devices”.
  • Ability to swap stomp footswitch assignments. So for example everything assigned to footswitch E becomes assigned to D and vice versa. It is important that if there are multiple devices and parameters assigned to a footswitch, they all will be swapped.


  • Ability to connect external footswitches (instead of only expression pedals) into ext 1 and ext 2 inputs.
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You already can, and assign it to multiple stomps:

That’s great, didn’t realize. However if they upgrade this then one could have two footswitches instead of one per EXP input since it’s a trs stereo input.

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Yeah, could be more flexible, but it’s nice that something is already there to expand the available stomps :+1:

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Ability to assign a stomp to more than one switch. Say a delay assigned to switch C, while switch D activates both the delay and an overdrive. If C is already active, D wont turn off the delay until second press.

In future hybrid mode:

If a delay is mapped to stomp C and scene H contains a delay, stomp C will lit up.

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Some of these are already listed as individual suggestions. You have a lot of good suggestions but having all these options for each switch could get really complicated really quick.

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TonePilot I hear you. Although imo most of the suggestions will only simplify things, like naming one or multiple stomps under one footswitch, stopping automatic footswitch assignemts (no need to hunt those down afterwards anymore), no tap tempo screen to interrupt your flow on gig when tapping (it takes quite a while to go away and footswitches are disabled while the screen is on. One can tap any footswitch for it to go away but that’s just unnecessary extra step in the middle of a song), swapping footswitch assignments instead of moving them one by one. These will imo only declutter the device, make the user experience more simple and smooth and fast.

And some others that add options instead of simplifying things are just super useful and some of them are already successfully in use in Helix and I haven’t come across any complaints about things being complicated once those options were added.

And some, while maybe they add a layer of unnecessary options to someone who doesnt immediately need those options, will simplify things massively for those who do need them. Like the press-and-hold secondary function. Not everyone will want to assign those, but those of us who need those extra options are now forced to utilize much more complicated roundabout ways to get those things done.

So imo, although everyone has their own needs and uses and wont need all the options, the pros outweight the cons pretty hugely with these upgrades. Still some are more necessary than others, and some we could all live without (like imo the extra options in scene mode, they are probably the least important)

Sure, I’m just conscious of complexity creep and wouldn’t want to see this become another Fractal. But if you have a way that this doesn’t complicate setup or result in new users trying to figure out what each option does then sure, it would be useful to have I think.

I think these are great suggestions. We have 11 switches to play with here and for me I would like to assign them accordingly - if possible.

Hi @Olli_A, this is a great summary, but some of these features have already been implemented in COROS 2.0.

Would you agree to edit the post and update the list?
In this other thread we discussed about making a single post with a list of similar requests sorted by apparent difficulty

Since this thread has already 20 votes, would you agree to update your first post in order to update the list and ask the authors of related requests to vote here?

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Hi @sfehlandt , yes of course, I’m all in for the merge! I’ll try to edit the post right now, but feel free to help or do anything.

Edit: I see that I can’t edit the first post right now, need some permissions. But yes full green light for the merge :slight_smile:

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