FIXED: Editing the name of your backup should not change the date/time stamp

CorOS Version: 2.10

Describe your issue:
When I edit the name of a backup, the date and time stamp changes.

Steps to reproduce your issue:

  1. Edit the name of your backup and save

I expected this to happen:
When I edit the name of a backup, I expect the date and time to remain the same. Otherwise, it looks like the backup with the edited name is your most current and recent backup. This may not be the case. The date and time the backup was created should be retained when the name is edited. Only ‘Updating’ the backup, which provides a current and latest backup, should change the date and time.

I have tried the following things:
No way to work around this that I can think of. This bug replaces the actual date and time a backup was taken, with an incorrect date-time. It replaces the creation date with the renamed date. You don’t want that for a backup file.

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But… you’ve edited it. It’s the same in any filesystem ever I think?


It is not the same in any file system. Changing the filename in Windows does not change the date and time of the file. Not sure about Mac as I don’t own one. I would also maintain that it is particularly important not to do this with backups where chronological dating indicates which backup is most recent.

This appears to be a bug or at least an undesirable behavior that can make it difficult to tell which of your backups is the most recent, if you rename one.

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I understand and agree that this is something that should be fixed… In the meantime, may I suggest putting the date in the names of your backups.

I always label my backups something like “20230824 backup”, etc., so I know which is which.


yeah, I probably would never have noticed this- I always immediately rename them with the date

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That is commonly how I name files, by prepending the date. That way my filenames can be sorted by date using the name. I frequently do this with setlist names and any other files I want to be able to easily list chronologically, even if they have had their contents (not name) updated.

The only reason I noticed this behavior is that I have a convention of naming one of my backups “LatestBackup” for which I use the ‘Update’ option in the backup menu on a regular basis to overwrite my old backup and refresh it with a new one. When updating the backup, I would expect the date-time to change (and it does). Just shouldn’t when only the name is modified.

This is a relatively trivial matter. Don’t want it to assume larger significance than it should. Probably not going to impact any of us too adversely if at all. Many users may never even rename a backup. I only did when I was editing my backup names to include the firmware version before the firmware update, which is what brought this to my attention. Just thought it might be something for QC users and Neural to at least be aware of, which is why I posted the bug, and it seems relatively easy to fix.

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This is correct.

On macOS, Linux, and Windows, renaming a file should NOT change the file modification or creation dates, as renaming is neither of those two events. Only when the contents of the file are changed should the date change.


I just changed the name of a backup and the creation date of the backup was retained. I then updated that backup, and the date changed to the current date. I believe Neural put in a fix and the backup dating is now operating properly.

This topic can probably be closed.


Thanks for the feedback and verification!

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