"Feature Requests" max too low

I am relatively new to the QC forum so perhaps there is a way to increase the max number of “Feature Requests” each user is allotted, but so far that number seems way too low. Does it increase with additional trust level/participation in the forum? I was notified last time I voted that I only had one vote left to cast. I believe I had casted fewer than 10 votes. Is there a way to check on the forum how many remaining votes we have?

In my voting experience on other forums, although there may be a few forum members who vote for everything, most vote only for the features they favor. This seems like a more accurate way to capture the most desired features rather than a voting limit.

I think the vote counts for the various requests may be getting skewed as people are forced to vote only for a few requests. I know that I have been unable to vote for several feature requests I consider quite vital for no better reason than preserving my remaining vote(s).

Newer devices like the QC, tend to require more feature requests and voting as they have not had an opportunity to mature yet. The QC has enormous potential, and it would be great for users to have additional input as to what they value most for its feature set.

Currently, everyone has the same number of votes. If you are out of votes, it will indicate ‘limited’ and when you select that, you can choose to list your votes. From there you can also delete past votes etc. Also note, that as things are implemented, threads are closed and your votes are given back to you. Note, you can create unlimited feature requests which others can then vote upon as well.

I think so. After a relatively short time I was able to place 20 votes in total. I think 20 is already a large amount considering the time and effort for NDSP to implement and test 20 new features. Why would you want to vote for even more before any of the 20 features is implemented?

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Thanks for the info on the voting limit increasing. I don’t believe I had 20 votes to start with, nor do I know what the requirements are to receive that many. I seem to have started with ten or less. I don’t know how many I have now, if any. I do know that the moment I got a message saying I only had one vote left I stopped voting on many a meritorious feature request - so I could save my “precious”.

I should mention that I am not a manic voter. Like most here, I try to be deliberate about what I vote for. Admittedly I don’t particularly want Neural wasting development resources on features that I don’t favor or might consider trivial compared to other requests. Everyone has their own priorities in this regard. When many individuals’ priorities overlap, those features tend to get the most votes.

There are several reasons you might want to support a higher max on feature requests. Primarily, there could simply be more feature requests you support than an arbitrary vote limit allows for. Definitely what I found to be the case. Requests often mature and go through several iterations; someone may present an enhanced or better version of a request you already voted for. You should have the capacity to vote for the improved version. Also, newer products like the QC tend to generate a flurry of worthy feature requests towards the beginning of their lifecycle. Feature requests also have an element of time. They are created over a span of years. Are you supposed to parcel out one vote a month to yourself to make sure you don’t run out of your twenty votes in less than two years?

It seems like the point of providing voting on feature requests would be that potentially it can give Neural a better idea of which feature enhancements are the most necessary, desired, or popular. The mechanics of a limited vote count hampers that process IMHO.

I do appreciate the fact that votes are restored as feature requests are closed, but that only accrues to you if you happened to have voted on that particular feature request. An open voting system would seem to make more sense to me. The cream tends to rise to the top. Anyway, don’t want to make a federal case out of this but I do think the limits are skewing the voting results.

Restoration of votes for closed requests is good housekeeping, like it! Would prefer there wasn’t a limit to start with, or at least a considerably higher one.

Btw, if you create a feature request and vote for you own, does that eat up one of your available votes? Or if you are out of votes does that mean you can’t vote for your own request? I have seen quite a few feature requests listing zero votes, meaning the creator did not cast a vote for it. Don’t know whether it just didn’t occur to them or if they were preserving their votes. I know that ideas with zero votes can sometimes artificially deter others from voting for them.

You appear to be the moderator for this forum. Is this a limit you can change? What is the rationale for the limit? Wonder if it might be worth considering upping it?

Maybe there is some confusion here. You can always withdraw your vote from the older feature request and use it to vote for the improved one. Basically, you don’t lose the limited votes once you voted. You just place them on a limited number of feature requests but you can always re-place them afterwards.

If you click on “voted” in the feature request that you voted for, the system will ask you, if you want to remove your vote and then you have one more vote to use wherever you want.

I suggest to add a future request for more votes :slight_smile: Kidding! But I will defer to the applicable leaders and update when I hear back.

Update: Per the powers that be, the number of votes cannot be modified and or adjusted. The main objective is for members to vote or focus on features that they need the most which the developers can then prioritize. Hope that helps!


Thanks for looking into this! I have zero votes available at the moment and would definitely be a proponent for seeing the max increased. The humor and irony of starting a feature request for increasing the max does not escape me. Very meta. I think I will demur on that though as I can’t even vote for it.

I am new enough to the QC forum to indeed be confused, but I do understand the ability to recover votes by deleting them from old requests as detailed by @MP_Mod. The reason I listed that as one of the issues in my response regarding why one might want more available votes, is that it seems like it could turn into a bit of a research project to go back and delete already cast votes just to vote on something new. I can however see the virtue of sharing some of the task with the users in an effort to keep voting results more meaningful and current as similar requests evolve. I am also a fan of the effort the moderator(s?) has spent merging redundant requests.

Anyway, the forum is a fantastic resource! #RaiseTheLimit!

Actually it’s pretty simple. Just go into yor profile and you can list the feature requests, you voted for.

The more I think about it, the more I‘m against raising the vote limit. Filling the backlog even more doesn’t increase the pace of development. The limit forces the community to vote wisely. Quality over quantity. The ability to vote for features in an official forum is already exceptional. Let‘s not screw it.


Thanks for the steer on finding your votes - “under your profile” → Activity → Votes. Turns out I have 20, shocking how fast those suckers got used up. The fecund request pond is bubbling with good ideas right now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think part of the reason for limited votes is because Neural has limitations on their resources. They can’t address everything and forcing a limited number of votes makes users prioritize what they feel is important.

I also tend to remove my vote from requests that already have a ton of votes, knowing Neural is already thinking about that particular request and I can put that vote elsewhere to help that request gain momentum.

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