Active moderation and aggregation of duplicate ideas by NDSP

The Feature Request area is overflowing with double and triple posted ideas. So the votes are split between the different posts and no one has a chance to get a real feel for how many really like an idea now.

I would like to see an active moderation of this area by NDSP in which the following is done:

  • Merging duplicate ideas
  • Feedback by NDPS on the ideas that they have been taken note of.
  • Feedback on whether an idea has been added to the roadmap.

In its current state, the section just feels like a black box into which you put your idea and comments, but then never hear anything about it again until the next person with the same idea suffers the same fate three months later.

We appreciate the feedback!

We request that everyone uses the search function prior to submitting feature requests in order to prevent duplicates.

NDSP are definitely watching as some of the most recent development updates indicate ideas being implemented from the high priority (votes) feature requests. As those ideas are actually implemented, NDSP closes the initial request. If you have any specific threads you would like to see merged, please feel free to contact via DM and we can investigate and make changes if needed. :slight_smile:

While others have expressed a desire for more communication regarding what is/isn’t on the radar etc., currently, QC feedback and related are only being provided via the monthly development updates posted within NDSP’s site linked below for reference:

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Give @DiffractionCircuit mod privileges for the Feature Request section. He’s basically doing it anyway :wink:


If he’s interested, he would need to contact NDSP but I haven’t heard of any current openings. Otherwise we are lucky to have @DiffractionCircuit within our community!


Hahahaha thanks guys. Just trying to keep you whippersnappers on track. :smile:


And we appreciate you for it, D.C!


Hi. this request is perfectly understandable, but unfortunately pointless. I have over 20 years of experience in usability and customer guidance. Unfortunately, there is absolutly no way to get people to do anything in this direction in advance. Not even if you put a conspicuous disclaimer in front of every post.

But if DiffractionCircuit is allowed to play along now, I think that would be a step in the right direction :-). Thanks for the feedback.

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Oh, and while we’re at it. You might want to check out the keyword “setlist” in the feature requests. There are 39 ideas in there by now, all of which overlap in some way.


Actually, you would be incorrect as most do search prior to posting. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve passed on the feedback regarding overlapping requests. Thanks!

Haha, this was a good one. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 20 years of user testing it’s that when a client claims that “the user” does something a certain way, it ends up being completely arbitrary as to whether that’s true or not. Without exact numbers, such a statement is unfortunately not worth much. The amount of similar topics speaks for itself. The mere fact that an idea evolves over the course of a discussion quite a lot from the original idea that was formulated in the initial post leads to users publishing the new, evolved idea as a new post.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have an idea how to administrate such evolving ideas. But the fact that the set lists feature since my last post 15 days ago still absolutely nothing has done clearly shows that there is a need for action here. Just give more feedback in the individual feature requests, so that one gets a feeling that it has recognized by you.