Factory Presets....Could we get some guidance?

Love the new updates.
My system is working well.

Was spending time spinning through the factory presets…it would be great to have some clues about which musician’s sound some of them are targeting.

I can guess that High Voltage sounds like AC/DC, Message in a Bottle is the Police, etc, but could use some help with the others. Of course it is fun to try them and experiment, but it would be great to pick a few from a list sometimes rather than just going through one at a time.


Some of the presets are based on specific songs / bands which are obvious and some are NDSP creations. Unfortunately, there is no list or clues on which their inspiration comes from. The factory presets are a great tool to see how presets are made and how the various blocks work but there is no list of what you are looking for. Enjoy!