Editing mode settings in one preset location also changes them in another preset location where I've copied the preset. How to edit?

I’ve just gotten into editing presets and scenes, still learning, but can’t find this info from search although I assume it’s simple-- how do you copy a preset to a new location, then edit that preset independently and save it as a new, different preset?

What I’ve done is saved one preset from location 1B to 1D. So I have a duplicate preset. However, when I change the mode settings in either 1B or 1D, both presets are affected. I’m trying to leave 1B alone while playing around with different hybrid mode settings in 1D. I am able to change footswitch assignments for my blocks and save them independently in both preset locations (different buttons control the effects blocks in the different presets.) However, if i change 1D to hybrid mode this setting is also changed in 1B, and vice versa.

It’s frustrating that this part isn’t clear and easy, and I also don’t see an option to just copy and paste a preset in the context menu. I used the same as feature to choose a new location to duplicate the preset but from there I would assume I could edit independently.

What am I missing?

Hybrid Mode is Global presently (unfortunately)

Choosing ‘save as’ to copy a whole preset to a new location is the only option for duplicating. I use that to create ‘template’ presets and build from there. You can then edit and save all fx parameters independently, except for those features that are presently Global, like input impedance/Hybrid Mode/Scene Bypass State Behavior.

There are definitely some areas that the manual could better explain with more detail. Hopefully one day…

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean global as in every preset on the device will be set to hybrid scene\stomp mode even if i haven’t created any scenes or built and assigned stomps in new locations etc? And it’s still not possible to have, say, 2 scenes on the top row and the remaining 6 buttons control stomps?

Is the behavior any more adaptable if you incorporate an external controller? With the lack of paging or granular control of some of these modes I’ve been wondering if adding something like a morningstar or RJM controller would give me expanded flexibility-- like the ability to have 8 scenes on the QC and the external controller do all the stomp switching, or re-assign buttons across the QC and external controller, e.g. to put tuner\mute on a separate button or plenty of other things. Any hope there?

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Correct, Global Hybrid Mode is all or nothing- it’s not super-flexible yet. It applies to all presets and can’t be reconfigured except for swapping top-row presets w/ top-row scenes. Hopefully it’ll improve eventually.

For now, YES- an external Midi controller pedal is the answer. I use one in the studio since the QC is on my desk. The QC should remain in Stomp mode for best use. Because of the CC assignments and pedal/switch allotments you’ll find Stomp on QC mode and scenes/tuner/etc on the external pedal works best. There are still Midi improvements to be made to the QC as well, so it’s a little more work than usual, but some of the brands have great templates for the Quad already, like Voes and (I think) Morningstar.

One of the moderators on the Discord (I think he’s here too) has been making a series of YT vids exploring the Morningstar w/ QC in depth:

Also, some users are sending midi automation from DAWs on their Laptop. I haven’t explored this yet because I don’t use automated tracks, but there’s a good bit of info out there for that application

Thank you, that’s very helpful. I was looking at picking up a controller to play with some other pedals anyway, I think splitting them up might be more intuitive for the artists I’m working with so it might be a net positive. Looking forward to improvements of these features on QC but good to know there are options. Also handy to hear about the automation\tracks possibilities, I’ll check that out but like you, probably won’t be an immediate need. Thanks for the feedback.

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Happy to try to help!
Rumor has it more midi functionalities will come soon, so keep an eye out - but for now the external midi pedals are a great workaround