Drive pedals in front of qc

I currently (in terms of drive) own a fallout cloud fuzz and a peacekeeper od from thorpyfx, a centavo from warm audio, a duke of tone and a heavy water boost pedal.
Is it possible to run these in front of the QC or would i be better off just capturing them and sellin the real ones? Because i feel like the thorpy pedals specifically have their own voice and the other two i just love.

Also would like to know if a Boss GE 7 and a Cry Baby Wah would work in front of it as well.

Sorry if they are dum questions but i´m pretty new to modellers and the QC, but better to die knowing than to live wondering haha. Appreciate any help or tips!

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I would try using them with the QC. I use various drive pedals with mine all the time and I really love the results. You can always try capturing them, and see what you think. But there’s nothing wrong with using them just like you would in front of an amp.

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There are no rules, just guidelines! In general, if your additional pedals sound good in front of (or even after) your QC, then they are good. Using them in a QC loop though, will give you much more control over where they appear in the signal chain as well as making it easy to bypass them when you want.

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Would it be possible to plug one pedal to the send 1, run it through all my drive pedals and plug into the return 1? Or is it only 1 pedal per fx loop?

Yes that’s possible. But keep in mind, you only need to use the effects loop if there is an effect or block that you want to have in front of your drive pedals. If there’s nothing you usually place in front of your drives, you could save the effects loops for other things and also reduce some possible latency.

I have a question that’s related to this, if I use my physical pedalboard with my QC fx loop, will it be permanently baked in or would there be a way to remove the pedal sound later.

for recording by USB? If you use the QC output of channel 1 or 2 in your DAW, you will have a dry, clean DI track, IF your guitar is plugged into QC input 1 or 2. It will have NO fx from the grid at all, including the fx loop. This applies only if you are using the USB output to record from the QC.

I know you are aware of this @xush, but worth mentioning that the USB out assignments can be swapped for dry (DI, bypasses all blocks) and wet (includes all blocks in your signal chain). By default they are 1/2 for dry, and 3/4 for wet. If you swipe down and bring up the I/O screen, tap on the USB icon, and go to the second page of parameters, you can reverse this. Many users find this more intuitive or more similar to other devices they have owned.