Drippy surf reverb needed!

Surf guitar players needs a spring reverb with more drip! Please, please, please can we have a Dick Dale approved reverb tank emulation added to the QC.

I use the spring with the “boing” all the way up and the tone around 65%. Put it in front of the amp (I use a twin) and you get a good amount of drip. It’s not perfect and I would still love to see a super drippy verb akin to the old fender head units.


I have a full size surfybear metal in front of my QC …would love for the QC to be able to surf!

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I came here solely to see if anyone had come up with a solution or requested something like this yet. I definitely did try messing with the ‘boing’ on the current spring reverb…it’s one of those situations where it’s SO close yet so far.

A drippy spring reverb would be sooooo nice!

Never thought I’d be getting in line to request features but this is the one. Doesn’t seem like it’s come up much if at all. Hopefully it’s something on their radar!


Can you post a video sample from YouTube?
I have understod what do you mean, but with a specific video (for qty of FX that you mean) i want to try to replicate

Thanks mate. Dick Dale’s original recording of Misirlou gives a good example. I’m looking for that clattering kind of ‘Ping’ sound you can hear in the reverb. It’s a bit like a fast delay but it has a different character. Here’s a link: Dick Dale - Miserlou - #HIGH QUALITY SOUND 1962 - YouTube

PC low quality webcam and hiss from air conditioners
How do you find It?
Video on the fly First attempt.
All Path 100% qc

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I’m liking that sound, well done! It’s closer than I’ve been able to get. Which delay are you using in the effects chain?

the playing and that Jag are awesome! Very nice work

I took a shot at a preset to accentuate what the Spring block lacks-
I tried to focus on the ‘boing/splash/drip’ that seems to be missing from the QC Spring rev. There’s plenty of fast delay, but I just don’t hear the splashy boing around the attack of the note from that block.
I used a filter on a parallel line to squish the attack of the note to see if that could get it close.

It’s not an attempt to duplicate the DD tone so much as it is to augment the Spring rev to get a little more flavor out of it. Any recommended tweaks will be implemented!


No delay
It’s the Boing and tone of spring at 66%
You have to put a Comp post spring rev tuned only to make up the Boing effect

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I am completely with you. But its not only the Drip. It is the Spring reverb over all. Now it is just like a reverb with a fast Tremolo. Or fast Echos. Like cheap Spring reverb Pedals.
It is much to static. A real spring reverb has 2 -6 Springs in it that all behave differently. There is much more Chaos in the sound :). I hope so much NDSP will implement a good one :heart:

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We need to have someone combine all of these spring reverb requests. It looks like there are not many votes but there are a number of requests in different threads. Like I said in another, I can’t believe they even released the current spring reverbs. They are truly terrible. The reverbs in general are week. A few are nice (like Mindhall and the plates).

For what it’s worth - I find I can improve the current spring reverb sound by adding a plate reverb in front of it and adding a bit of the plate to smooth out the harshness of the current spring reverb block. Certainty not ideal as it takes up two bocks, lots of dsp, and makes the mix adjustments a hassle because you have two mix controls, but the results are pretty good.

Can you share that as a preset and let us know the name?

Sorry for the delay! (no pun intended…) I’ve been swamped teaching and doing clinics and finally had a chance to sit down and figure out how to upload and share presets. It’s called “Simple deluxe reverb.” I actually put ther reverb effect chain on a split, you can adjust the overall reverb send level with the balance control. You can turn off the delay for a less “surfy” reverb sound. It’s as close as I can manage using internal reverbs. Hopefully NDSP will get us an perfect spring reverb that only uses one block, but this is better than nothing. I hope it helps you!


Hey I got the Simple Deluxe Reverb. That’s about the cleanest DR I’ve found, sounds great. Thanks.

Agreed. For my backup rig, I use an Electro Harm Oceans 3. It gets 80% of the way to my SurfyBear. The QC gets 50% there …

Would love the QC team to work on their spring reverb algorithm.