Disabling mode switches for gigs

Hello, I’ve been using my QC in a great number of live events, and I mostly use it in preset mode. The problem is that I have quite big feet, and occassionally when I step on the D or H footswitch, the mode is switched to SCENE or STOMP, and I have to press the mode switches again to get back to the preset mode, and I don’t always have the time to do that. Could it be possible to disable the mode switches before a gig? Thank you.

Hybrid Mode will bring significant changes including being able to remove modes altogether.
It looks like we’ll be able to select ‘single mode’ which I assume will render those switches inoperative if there is no other mode to toggle to. We’ll see for sure after the CorOS 2.0 update : Quad Cortex Development Update - September 2022 - Neural Dsp Technologies


Thank you, sounds great… Hope the 2.0 arrives soon🙏

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