Design on how to put plugins in quad cortex

Here is a workflow that might work for plugin-to-QC export. You don’t need to put all the tweaking on the QC, as a user I want to use the computer, setup the tone I want and then simply export to the QC in a similar manner like other competitors do (like ToneX).

You can create a new device type block called “plugin” and all you do is add the feature to capture the current Neural DSP amp tone using the same capture technology for an amp but on the computer executing the audio through the plugin. You already have the software to capture the amp tone; people are already capturing the plugins and putting them on the QC cloud. Why not streamline the process with a button on the plugin that says “send to quad cortex”.

The button would play the same capture sounds on the amp, simply create a new block with this capture and add a picture of the settings used. Send the capture amp and a IR separately in a new preset into the user’s cloud account.

You could even add the equivalent pedals and create an entire preset with the settings from the plugin. In reality uses just want the amp tone and exactly the same IR used on the plugin. This will remove the need to tweak and entire set of parameters in the QC.