DC7/QC - FX Loop not working - Works on OEM Adaptor


I’ll cut right to it. DC7 into QC, only other pedal is a TC Electronic QTron Mini in FX Loop 1.

On OEM QC Power adaptor everything works flawlessly. When I run the QC on the DC7 and hit my FX Loop I get nothing. Just a low volume sound with no effect (qtron is an envelope filter)

Any one else having this issue? Is it that the DC7 hasn’t got enough juice? Or am I missing something?

Hi @Ma55iV3 and welcome to the community! Usually the issue when not hearing any sound involves using a splitter and or mixer not yet configured correctly. It’s hard to tell what your issue could be so I would recommend emailing support@neuraldsp.com and they will get you sorted. I will leave this open in case someone has experience with the DC7.

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I’m running my QC with the DC7 and never experienced problems with the FX loop. Are you using 4 outlets at 12 V in parallel from DC7 to QC?

Found a fix. Had dipswitches set to standard 660mA (both down). Needed to set them to 500mA (Left up, right down) and it picked up FX loop.

Thanks for the replies, greatly appreciated.

Glad you resolved your issues and thanks for the update!