Davlav talks flangers on the QC


there’s lots of info out there on some of the more ‘vague’ functions of modulation fx, but it sure would be nice if NDSP would give us more details on THEIR interpretations and implementations. That’s something I’ve been lobbying for since the beginning. Most of these controls are HIGHLY interactive, so just twiddling one control to see what it does won’t always make it clear. Some really depend on where other controls are set to become more obvious. Another way to make things more noticeable is by using some distortion rather than just clean tones; many fx become much more obvious across the EQ spectrum when the tone is more saturated

Here’s an example of an outside source that goes into great detail about pos/neg, add/sub, through-zero flanging, etc. Most of these functions can be figured out with a bit of searching, but it’d still be nice for NDSP to include more info.


Agreed. I would like to see some kind of manual for all the NDSP designed effect blocks. Anything that’s not based on a real- world device.