Current Preset Name & Ability To Change Preset In Tuner Screen Mode

At a gig this weekend, I had a need and I thought it could be a cool feature.

When I was in the tuner, and my signal was muted, I could not remember if I had changed my preset to move to the next song before I entered the tuner mode. Might be cool to have the current preset that you will be returning to when you exit tuner mode visible on the screen somewhere while tuning. And as a bonus, if we could switch presets while in tuner mode, so we can exit the tuner onto the preset we need when it’s time to play.

A good idea @sleiweke , maybe some day? It would require a custom setting of that feature in the tuner for one’s own specific banks up/down, right? Just so it wont be a panic tap dance before next song. :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: :athletic_shoe: :control_knobs:

Don’t know why I never thought of the tuner used as a mute either. :+1:t3: One less feature to dream of.


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