Create presets of individual blocks

Yea, it’s such a good way for new users to experience the ‘best’ (subjective) settings for a given sim, especially those that don’t have a physical counterpart (read: NDSP original blocks).

Even for blocks that model physical devices, few people will have had the chance to use with the real thing (there’s a lot of blocks!) and know the range of sounds it can produce.

I would also like to suggest something similar be done about the cab sim blocks. Whilst more privileged players may have experienced every possible cab, speaker and microphone combination, I’m often left scratching my head over what amp / cab combinations work together best.

From Allow footswitch assignment when using "Set parameters as default" :

The post mentionned above was about the Footswitch default assignement (which is a bad thing , imho) , the discussion led to:

  • By default a block shouldn’t have any footswitch assigned.
  • Any block should have the ability to have multiple user-defined ‘configurations’ (in addition to the ‘Factory configuration’ that would be read-only, in case we want to restore the initial default)
  • The User-Defined configurations should store the whole block settings, including the Footswitch assignement.

So, if the ‘block user-preset’ (aka 'block user-defined configuration’) become a reality, I hope that they will take this into consideration, as it would solve two issues in one feature !

I’m surprised this feature request hasn’t been addressed. 101 votes. The copy/paste from a dummy preset work-around is meh, and the inability to at least label the tweaked block has become frustrating to me.

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This feature needs to exist. I’ve been creating Quad Cortex tone recreation videos for YouTube and do a lot of EQ’ing on my sounds to sculpt them. The ability to create custom profiles/presets for the EQ block alone would be huge.

Coming over from the Kemper, I am really disappointed at the lack of an ability to create presets. This copy and paste thing I have to do feels very unrefined.

Please fix this Neural.

P.S. The new pinning feature is great :+1:t3:

I think that being able to copy the parameters of a block and pasting to another block of the same type would already be of great help.

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I wished it worked like the Line 6 Helix Favorites works. It’s a huge time saver when building presets.

I came to the QC via the Headrush (can do this) and the FM9 (can do this) and I REALLY miss not being able to save block presets…

Global block presets that change every instance of that global block would be super awesome.

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Much needed feature. Come on Neural don’t ignore this request any longer :pray:

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