Crackle noise on REAPER (with Focusrite Scarlet)

Hello !
I’m currently having the 2 weeks trial version.

When I’m recording electric guitar on Reaper it has sort of a vinyl crackling noise. And when I turn on the delay o reverb it get totally noisy.

Could you help me ?
Thanks !

Hello @thomasdetry333. Which Plug-In and operating system are you using?

Hello !

I’m currently using a free version of “Archetype Nolly” on the Reaper program.
And yeah it has some light cracking noises, and when I turn the delay/reverb on it gets noisy.

I changed between 128 and 256 block sizes it seems 128 had less but I had delay between my guitar and the sound. (I don’t know if this makes sence).


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Please try to replicate these settings in Reaper:

Audio system: ASIO (Windows only)
Sample rate: 44100
Block Size: 128

A block size of 128 should give you less latency than 256. Be sure to make these changes from the control panel of your interface (“ASIO Configuration…” button if you’re on Windows).

Then go through these guides depending on your operating system: Windows / macOS


Thzanks for the advice , I will try it.
Forgot to say, I’m using a Focusrite Scarlett, I don’t know if it changes something on the process I must accomplish.


It shouldn’t. Just be sure to install the latest drivers if you’re on Windows.