Cortex Cloud Metadata for Link Previews

When you copy a link to a preset or capture on Cortex Cloud, then post it somewhere like Discord or even these forums, it does not allow those services to populate the link preview with metadata related to that specific page. Instead, you will see generic Neural DSP site metadata like this:

Ideally it would instead populate with something like “Pan Lead | Preset by Plini | Cortex Cloud”.

I’m a full time front end engineer myself, and it seems to me that this is a limitation because preset links are behind authentication. What I’m suggesting then would be a more substantial overhaul of those pages. However, I think it would be very cool if public preset and capture pages were actually publicly accessible, with actions like starring being locked behind authentication. That way these could be shared on social media, and both Cortex users and future Cortex users could check them out.