CorOS 2.3.1 and Cortex Control 1.0.1 are now available


I have measured boot up time to now be ~13 seconds faster :slight_smile:


faster boots, better tuner behavior, improved midi…nice update

Anyone have the link to the actual 2.3.1 changelog?


yeah, duh :neutral_face:…the changes aren’t there. The splash screen after updating the QC shows all the changes, but it’s not on the web

The changes ARE there. You have to scroll down.
Or is there more on the QC Screen? (I haven’t updated yet)

"CorOS 2.3.1 Changelog
Boot time improved.

Some users experiencing booting issues in specific scenarios.

Always welcome these updates, but that wifi bug is really lingering longer than it should. I really hope it’s fixable.

Yeah, there are a lot of changes. It’s a big update. They haven’t populated the webpage.

What improved midi has been done? I didn’t see this in the changelog?

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It’s 2-3 seconds faster for me. From 50 sec to 48.

The ‘what’s new’ displayed on the QC shows the ‘2.3.1’ and the previous ‘2.3.0’ updates list.

In 2.3.1 , only the ‘faster boot time’ is added.

So for those who already had 2.3.0 , there’s nothing new except a slightly better boot time.

For Cortex Control, there’s a bunch of bug fixes.


Damn, got me. :upside_down_face:

5s faster for me - down from 53s to 48s.

Mine went from 55s to 50s , so 5 secondes gained.

(measured from the ‘power switch on’ to 'my last preset visible on screen)

@JLantz You may have already spotted this but if not, here are the notes from the 2.30 update. The 2.3.1 update was mostly firmware bugfixes and changes to facilitate improvements and bugfixes in CoCo.

I think the speed of turning on the tuner is improved.

I would like it to be a little faster still, during a gig there is not a whole lot of time between songs to tune and those few seconds feel like a long time.

have you tried the new function that lets you swap the tuner with the tap-tempo function and you can call the tuner up with two rapid taps instead of the long-hold? MUCH faster.


Mine no longer works via USB since this update.


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Cortex Control does not work? Make sure to download and install the updated version too.