CorOS 1.3.4

My QC offers me the new release CorOS 1.3.4. However I cannot find any informations or experiences about it, neither here in the forum nor under So I am still hezitating to upgrade. Your comments and experiences would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

depends if you are ready for a deep dive into the software of the QC. Standard user understand the QC as a stomp box and not as a computer. I don’t know if this would be helpful and I guess Neural don’t want to unsettle “normal users” with details.

True no information on it on the website. This is (i think) the first update where they didn’t put an announcement on their website or on the Discord server. FWIW I downloaded it and I’ve no changes whatsoever. Maybe they fixed some bugs but I wasn’t having any issues to start with.

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Hi @WGROE , CorOS 1.3.4 is specifically for backend updates. No functionality or features were added.
When you download the update, it will indicate “for backend fixes” and is of course safe to download and install as usual. Thanks!

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