Connecting to your DAW

Wanted to gauge everyones experience, when it comes to recording. I purchased TRS cables so that I can hookup the QC to my audio interface and then run the guitar input through the interface. Would this be the best way to go? Or perhaps run the guitar directly into the QC and connect the QC to an input on the interface?

What has worked best in your experience?

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The same question here …

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I run my guitars directly into the QC and then out (TRS out 3) to the interface. I got some noise from the XLR, so I changed it to output 3, all good!

To prevent latency and to take advantage of the usb routing etc. , I would recommend to use the QC as your interface.


I see many others mentioning to use the QC as an interface, which has me rather confused. I have an audio interface designed to be just that… an audio interface. What are the benefits of using the QC as an interface over an 8 channel interface with solid mic preamps?

Additionally, recording multiple instruments and vocals simultaniously doesn’t quite seem conducive to proper workflow if using just the QC as an interface. I’m genuinely trying to understand this better, as many have said that they use it as an interface. Want to make sure that I’m not missing something obvious.

The QC IS a USB audio interface etc., using the QC with another interface will introduce unnecessary latency and you won’t be able to take advantage of the USB routing.

If you’re running the QC into another interface, you’re adding a layer of signal conversion, and more links in the signal chain that all have to be balanced for optimal signal strength and fidelity. You can do it, it’s just more layers/points of adjustment.

Using the QC as an interface simplifies things GREATLY if you are using 4 or fewer inputs. Plus you get a ‘free’ DI channel thru the USB.

I have several interfaces that I aggregate on Mac for recording in Logic. Aggregating gives the best of both worlds; you still have your studio interfaces/pres which is especially helpful if you need MORE than 5 input channels simultaneously and can run the QC alongside those for guitar (or whatever instrument/vox you choose)