Compatible with macOS Big Sur

Hey Neural DSP, is your software compatible with the latest macOS Big Sur? If not, when will the relevant update be released? I am asking because the latest macOS will be available from tomorrow …

We just posted an announcement about this :slight_smile:

thanks, great news :slightly_smiling_face:

So, the first M1 devices from Apple have just been released and benchmarks are coming in. Wow! These entry level machines simply destroy some much higher end Intel based systems.

Will buy an Apple Silicon device as soon as my audio interface gets compatible drivers. Can’t wait! But for the time being, I’ll be holding back from buying plug-ins or other software from companies that haven’t yet announced their plans to release native Apple Silicon versions in the foreseeable future. But as forward thinking, modern and young as NDSP are as a company, I somehow expect (and hope) they will be some of the first to offer native support for these new mini monsters. :wink: