Color-coding stereo and mono signal path lines on the grid

Since there is such a variety of stereo and mono blocks, it would be really helpful if the signal path grid lines could indicate whether the signal itself is stereo or mono.

For example, any mono signal could stay white (as it is currently), and any stereo signal on one row could be a mix of white with another color. I’m using blue in my example.

This would help to visualize how the signal is being maintained throughout the chain of effects blocks.

1000% brilliant request!!


yeah, simple and effective idea

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I’d vote for this if i had votes available…

Using the idea of multiple signal path lines to indicate a function, building on that:
Turning on the CPU Monitor should turn these signal paths into fatter lines, to indicate what block raises system latency. So you can have cpu usage as a % and know immediately what block or path is raising overall latency (like FX Loop or Pitch Shifter) by raising line thickness after the block.

No no no, stop right there. Let’s keep it simple, don’t bring latency into this.


I agree, while I think the idea could be useful, it should be it’s own request - stereo vs latency have no intertwined dependencies to deliver. And I’d rather get this one first as a simpler ask, than to complicate it with multiple overloaded requirements on the grid lines. But this (stereo) feels like an easy ask to implement with large impact/benefit.

I’d suggest making a new request, referencing this one and then describing how you’d want latency visualized. I wouldn’t piggyback it into this request


It’s been a couple of weeks since the original post; bumping this so more people might see it.

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Bumping your post up, this is a GREAT idea, and elegant in its simplicity. It also contributes to one of QC’s greatest differentiators, an intuitive, extremely easy device to use with a truly valuable display that’s simple to see, understand, and navigate at a glance.

Only potential challenge in implementing comes down to how they handle the signal path line in their code… is it segmented/module, or seen as one object from start to finish. If a single object/element, they would potential have to redesign to be modular/dif element for each segment. Also, is the line in anyway associated with the blocks. I imagine blocks have a variable in code that determines whether the block is mono or stereo, since it’s a setting on many effects/block types. In a perfect world they could just add logic to modify the segment of line depending on if the block variable is set to mono or stereo.

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Great idea indeed! Here’s a bump for the OP so more people can see this!