Cloud backups! Quad Cortex Development Update

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New case design too I see - much cleaner! :+1:

Yeah i noticed new design too
I think the writing may need to be just a tad bigger and perhaps bolder font it looks like it might fade a bit
That just the mode and the arrows

I agree about the font needing to be bolder in places but no big deal since manufacturing has most likely begun. Also, the power button looks like a physical button now. I thought it was supposed to be touch sensitive so it would never wear out. Has that changed? Either way, looking great.

I’m pretty sure it’s still capacitive. I guess the frame around it threw you off haha

The logo on the right also has a frame, and the logo it self has the same tint as the power button, so I think it’s also gonna light up when the device is on.

Good catch with the logo. This beast is looking great.

Not gonna fade if it’s laser-etched.