Christmas rant: a bit less whining please?

Don’t take it too seriously, I love this forum and community…
I have a feeling that every third thread I read goes like this

“Why does the QC still not have a model of the whitekangaroo wk4356a pedal? And I mean the ‘a’ version, not the shitty ‘wk4356’. My HeliosFX FM12 has got this model since 35 years, come on you lazy Finnish guys, get out of your sauna and finally do some work! Ceterum censeo we need a DESKTOP EDITOR!”

Do you know what I mean or is it only me?

I am very happy with the QC, use it for rehearsing and gigs, with guitar cab and without and I’m always having a good time.
And I like the creativity and helpfulness on this forum.
And I could use a little less of the whining… :slight_smile:


Yeah? Well, you know, that’s just like uh, your opinion, man.
But I disagree. Given the state of development on the QC and how Neural has handled everything so far (communication, updates, this forum, etc.), I think people here are very, very, very polite and not at all “whiny”.
In fact (and don’t take that too seriously) judging comments as “whiny” is rather impolite.
Of course there will always be some who are never satisfied with anything. But the overwhelming majority of critical comments I read on this forum are well justified, I think.
So where else would you utter them if not here?


Disagreement is noted, @747.
I may have been a bit polemic, one of my bad habits. :slight_smile:

Of course you’re right, comments about long-promised features are somehow justified.
I still think there are some “urgent feature requests for pedal xzy” posts that I find very strange. Especially when the QC has such an excellent capture feature.
I captured some presets from the Archetype Petrucci plugin recently and I think they sound great.

And of course, @747 you already convinced me with the “uh, your opinion, man” line :smiley:

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i cant understand your point, i am sorry.
people have all the right to ask for information when they payed alot of money for this unit.
there are many fundamental stuff the QC is missing, and it is very normal for people who love this unit to keep posting and asking for information.
of course, sometime people doesnt really knows development and bug testing takes time, but yet again, they have all the right to speak about the current stage of stuff. especially the ediator.
this forum is much much more polite and helpful then many other forums i have been to, and in my opinion, posts that keep asking about the unit progress / ediator / updates etc are very important for the Devs as well.

i really think your first comment was a little outrageous .

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Maybe it’s my sympathy, since in my daytime job, I also work on electronics (although for completely different applications).

And I know how difficult it is at the moment. The supply chain for electronics is a total mess. And as Neural has once written on their homepage, a LOT of their resources are bound just to find replacements for all electronic components they can’t get in time to secure the production.
Look at FractalAudio, you still cannot get the FM9 without registering on a waiting list.

If many of your people are working just to be able to find components to produce units, development is slowing down.

this is a different tpic.
of course there was problem with components availability and production delays. this happens .
but your post was about people whining about amp models / editor etc.
this regard to development team. nothing to do with components .
the QC had insane hype all over the media, and still , after more than a year there are major stuff missing, and people have all the right to ask for information about this stuff. (don’t get me wrong, i bought my QC 2 months ago and i don’t regret for a second).
Neural put out to the market amazing stuff, both the plugins and the QC, and if you ask my opinion, i still cant understand how all the options from the plugins (like doubler / Rabea synth etc.) are not implanted in the QC automatically . this is one of my resents.

I believe the development team is very much involved in the production topics.
If you need to find alternative components, the hardware developers need to check the design impact, firmware may need to be adapted etc.
So I think there is a correlation between component shortage and development speed.

Nevertheless, I did not want to criticize people asking for info or dev. updates on promised features.
What I don’t appreciate, though, is the posts which complain (not whine ;-), I am improving my communication skills) about this one very specific amp or pedal model that the QC does not have, but Helix / Fractal / whoever has.

Brand new user, got mine on tuesday, and have been lurking the forum for a few weeks.

People are so eager for products, and companies need to get new products out so early, that they have to be released before the software is fully complete, with major updates happening post release.

I’m also on the Elektron forum (Swedish company making sequencers/synths/samplers) which is exactly the same: new software releases are immediately met with “what about x missing feature?”, “when will you be changing x too?” amongst gratitude from other users that are happy with the new features/updates.

Software takes time to write, and time to test. Releasing something early, with a load of bugs would be far more damaging for the company, than waiting for an extra few weeks to get the bugs fixed and retested.
If you want an example of that going badly, look at Cyberpunk…

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On a positive note, I’ve been playing ‘real’ amps for 20 years because any previous modeller has just not been right. This is the first one I have tried that I would (and will) actually use live, and potentially even record with.

Yea it could have more effects, and more amp models, but they will come in time, or I can capture my own. I mainly bought it on the strength of what it does already, and how great it sounds.


I think there are all good intentions in this thread, but I am going to close this down to keep things constructive. :slight_smile: