Captures are responsive!

the pick attack latency of captures is as snappy and immediate as close to analog as I’ve ever heard/played anything! I thought the slight high end roll off would be an issue but the distortion texture is so unbelievably rich and accurate to the different clipping types between drive pedals or preamp distortion or power amp distortion that it doesn’t feel sound and different than tape. the difference between models and captures though being the captures are FAST as hell! much prefer captures to the models where available, strictly from a responsiveness aspect. will be looking forward to future developments of capture capability, cascading compression stages, time based stuff for modulation, impulse response capturing to create your own room spaces/ambience. once you capture all your pedals/amps individually there isn’t a need to endlessly toy with modelling anymore, all that’s left to do is PLAY

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The captures are great!! I have a Kemper, and I’ve been moaning for years about the slight inaccuracies you get.

Now the Neural Capture isn’t 100% dead on. I do hear differences. But they’re wayyyyyy less offensive to me than the Kemper. The Kemper mushes up palm mutes and gets the distortion frequency response wrong.

The QC nails the feel. Yes there’s a slight high-end roll off sometimes, but I don’t mind it too much. The core of the character is dead on.

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