Capture creature comfort upgrade requests

  1. Ability to add a cab block during setup, to make dialing an amp easy when capturing direct via load box.

  2. When the looper comes - basic loop functions should be available here

  3. Rotary encoders could be used to make it easy for users to document the basic settings on the source amp / pedal. Bmt, gain, master, presence, and a switch to identify whether it is an amp, amp with cab, or pedal - at minimum.

#1 i have been able to get around by using my daw for monitoring / dialing a direct amp, but now i’m using 3rd party IR’s and not the baked in ones. It would be SO slick to be able to just jack in my studio headphones, dial amps and capture them in silence using the actual neural cabs with adjustable mics i intend to use the capture with.

#2 is self explanatory. I use a standalone pedal to do this because i am a lot better at dialing tone when i’m not playing.

#3 is a wish list item because the captures on cloud are a mess in terms of organization. This would be a nice way to give users the option to document the settings at the time of capture. Bonus- as they would be standardized inputs in the database - could even be used to parse & categorize results when searching the cloud for new captures eg low gain, mid gain, etc.