Can you assign tuner to volume/expression pedal?

Just wondering if it’s possible to assign the Tuner to be activated to the heel position of a volume or expression pedal, so when you turn the volume down, the tuner automatically activates (as the Hotone Tuner Press does)?

I believe so.
I was experimenting with the MIDI via XP settings recently, found in the Preset Midi Out section.
The CC# for displaying the tuner works, but i couldn’t find the right values to make it consistent; it kept flickering on and off.
I’ll work on it more today

Thank you! :pray:t2::smiling_face:

Well, good news and bad news.
Yes- you can do that.
BUT, you have to use the midi loopback hack which ties up your MIDI jacks.
Dang it. Now I have to edit my PDF

(if you want to try it w/ Loopback engaged, use CC#45 w/ min val 0 and max val 127)

Thank you, that’s very helpful - although it’s a shame it ties up the MIDI ports!

yep, even our workarounds require workarounds. I sure hope we see improvement in the flexibility of assignments eventually.
Curious if the midi additions in CorOS 3 will be helpful or just a ‘semi-fix’