Button toppers for neural que cortex?

Hi there
Where can I buy in a online website a button toppers for my neural? Do you know the size ? Maybe I could be find them in my country Peru


Hi, I m using the Mooer Mushroom Toppers. You can buy them from Ali Express. I bought them with a pretty fast delivery to Chile.

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ohh muchas gracias, voy a comprar ese modelo a lo mejor hay acá.

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I use Candy Toppers, also from Mooer. Available in different colours.

So how do the toppers work with the footswitches when you have to turn them to shonge volumes or other settings on a preset?

Bought a set of 10 Moors on Amazon for $7.99 very pleased with them.

I bought nux toppers, very cheaper in my country

Candies work perfectly