Starting to design/Make Button Caps. Any Input or suggestions?

So, I’ve started 3D printing some button caps and so far so good. The final design that I have in mind is:

  • Clear Centers (LED from below should show through)
  • A “ring”, and also Letter/Up/Down etc that will be Glow In The Dark
  • A corresponding Black (or some sort of dark color) on top of the glow in the dark (but a little smaller) so it stands out in normal light.
  • Volume cap with simple line
    All buttons will remain functional, but easier to see and hit.
    Please give any input suggestions, flames, etc below.

Here is a design that I made a while a go: Quad Cortex Switch Toppers by Jukitus - Thingiverse

Those are OK, and I like the ribs to cut down on the material.
Mine are much thinner and angle the other way. Bigger on top than bottom, so the LED light doesn’t get blocked. I’ll upload something to thingiverse when I have more done.