Blue tooth midi with smartphone or tablet

Is anyone using an android phone with a wireless Bluetooth adapter to midi control your quad coretex? I have heard that someone has used the iOS app minipad2 to accomplish this. Doing this from an android phone or tablet would be sensational!!!

I’ve seen the QC controlled using IPhone/Ipad via USB MIDI, I have even seen people use MIDI over wireless BT but I haven’t seen anyone use and Android device in the same manner but I am sure it’s possible.

I did a quick test with TouchDAW Demo on Android via USB and it seems to work well.

The app also has an experimental BLE MIDI mode which I couldn’t test because I don’t have a wireless Bluetooth MIDI adapter.
There’s a page in the docs dedicated to the topic:

It seems to work under the right circumstances. So if you have the hardware available this might be worth a try.