On stage amp to use with my Quad Cortex

I can see me using my QC when I tour Europe with my solo band post Brexit next year but I really do need to hear my guitar through a guitar cab, especially for solo sounds. I’m thinking that one of these might be the perfect companion to my QC.

Depending on how much loudness you need, there are any number of class D amps that aren’t specific to this use that should work. One thing the one you linked has in its favor is the correct 1/4" jacks.

I’d think you would also need a graphic EQ of some sort in the monitor channel for your guitar cab, if you intend to go from the QC directly to the (full range) PA. Should be possible with an EQ on a separate channel/output from the QC, or tap a separate channel before the cab IR.

I suppose I was hoping for a similar kind of functionality to my kemper in terms of the ability to create direct profiles where you could have the fully modelled sound coming out of the XLR 1& 2 outputs into a stage box for in ears and front of house and outputs 3 and 4 without the speaker modelling into a power amp so you can use a standard 4x12 on stage (for feedback/sustain) as not all hire companies around the world have full range cabinets available but you can always get a Marshall or Mesa-Boogie.

From what I’ve seen of QC, I believe it has more than one output and routing allows an EQ block to be placed in the routes.

This is what you want. Worth every cent.

Yes you should be able to do just that with two separate or semi separate chains in the QC, routed to the 4 outupts (6 with the sends?) and with greater flexibility than the Kemper.

I may have misunderstood the problem, so please excuse me.
Surely the Quad will run FOH through a mixer via main L/R. Then either use out 3 & 4 or use the mixer aux 1/2 to run the stereo stage FRFR, or daisy chain them (mono). Re the power amp for the Dry signal use aux 3 into something like.


I once ran my lines into an Allen & Heath ‘Z’ unit beside me, with the Db button (-20db) pushed. That fed the FOH mixer, and I ran the floor monitors from the A&H with the Semour Duncan pushing a Mesa Cab.
You have to make sure feedback is controlled.

my initial thoughts for Wet-Dry-Wet stage setup:

  • FOH: Out 1/L and Out 2/R - to include entire signal chain panned L/R
  • On Stage Wet L/R: Out 3/L and Out 4/R - Delays, Reverbs, Mods etc - FX only
  • On Stage Dry: Send 1 - just the amp, drive/distortion, comp, EQ etc blocks

p.s. my Dry signal would be without IR and going into the FX return of a Quilter ToneBlock 201 and then into a Port City OS 1x12 loaded with Neo Creamback.

Hey Steven,

great to see you here! You bought a GT Preamp off me some like 10 years ago in Cologne, you were so lovely and I was allowed to be on Stage during sound check listening to your rig, plus free admission at night. How amazing that tone was!

There is a product in UK that might be interesting to you to amplify your Quad Cortex or any modeler. I have their 1x12 Cab and it is stunning how wide the sweet spot is and how full it sounds. I haven’t tried their fullrange cab that I am linking here, but it’s based on the same design:

Good luck, all the best to you and a happy 2021!

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Hi Chris,

Good to hear from you! I’ve been aware of the Barefaced cabinet for a while and I was considering one with the Celestion FRS or the rebadged Kemper Kone. My situation is quite complex, when I tour with Marillion I’ll always be using the full racks with the Groove tubes Trio, effects and Fryette or Groove tubes power amps. When I tour with my solo band (like the shows I played in Mexico in early 2019) I usually hire a JC-120 and Marshall cabinet and fly with my Pitcher (Dumble clone) amp and a gigrig pedalboard. This is when hopefully, it should be possible to use the QC. The few shows I’ve done with my Kemper I’ve either, on one occasion, flown with a flight cased full range cabinet or hired a Marshall 4x12. In my experience most of the hire companies, especially in Latin America, can supply a Marshall or Mesa Boogie 4 x 12 but I wouldn’t hold out much hope of a full range cab (although this situation might have changed in the last year or so). The last shows I played with a fly in rig was in Chile in July 2019 where I used a Boss Katana combo. Not ideal but like all these things it can work with a little programming. You can hear that on the live guitar here

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Wow that is a Katana!
I’m sure you’d be fine with a QC and some power amp (probably weight/size is more important on fly gigs so one of the Seymour Duncan amps might be the ticket or something from Matrix. I love the Marshall 8008 Valcestate for this kind of stuff, but it has not that much power and is a bit more heavy.
I agree with what you said, it’s easier to make the sound work on PA or In-Ears using Impulse Responses, but fullrange speakers on stage can be harder to get “in the zone” in terms of how it feels to play alongside them. Well, with a QC and a little poweramp and a rental Roland JC and 4x12 cab you might be set right?
I was just wondering: has anyone heard the mod FX in the QC yet? I am convinced, knowing all the NDSP Plugins, that the Amps/Drives/Comps/Delays/Reverbs will be great. I haven’t heard Phasers, Chorus, Pitch/Detune yet and wonder if those will be an the same level?

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Since you guys are entering FRFR cab territory do not forget Accugroove, they have been doing FRFR cabs since way before it was cool and have a large selection of guitar cabs
Accugroove FRFR guitar

I have a Quilter Tone Block 202 which has an FRFR mode that makes it a great monitoring option for a modeller and it’s also a darn good guitar amp in it’s own right if the modeller ever went down.

I loves me some Quilter… have had the ToneBlock 201 for a few years and love it… thinking I’ll use it with Port City 1x12 OS as my “Dry” in a Wet-Dry-Wet stage setup w/QC… 2 HR FRFR-108s as the “Wets”

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