Automatically sum to mono

I think this should not take so much time, since the ability to sum to mono is already built inside the qc.
At the moment we have to change to mono output preset by preset.
What we need is simply the ability to set the outputs to mono/stereo globally, either by automatically sensing the presence of a single cable, by manually setting a switch or both.

Anyone know if this has been addressed in any way?

Yes I know, no it hasn’t

Also new to QC here, so forgive me if any of this has been covered elsewhere.

So it seems that for the time being, and still, the only workaround is to have different presets created for different live scenarios? I.e. Scenario 1: you can send two cables out to FOH, put a mono block at the end of the chain, and use Multi-Out – and Scenario 2: you can only run one cable to FOH, in which case you have to specify a single output, L or R?

This applies to recording into a DAW as well, eh? In which case you would need a 3rd preset where the signal is only being routed into Multi-Out? I am primarily interested in tracking mono guitars, as I will generally double-track, pan hard L and R, which I assume a lot of us do.

I know these questions maybe delve into multiple topics. Thanks in advance for clarification.

And to be clear, the Mono block being referenced is the Single (M) block in the IR Loader section, correct?

my qc no longer detects connections on xlr outputs 1 and 2…please, could someone check if he has the same problem?

Just checking in on this; is this only an issue for people who are running say pingpong delays?

Or are people who split theiir signal out to two seprate IRs/cabs having issues? (I thought if you ate using 2 lines, but if you select say output 1/2 it does sum to mono?)

Apologies in advance for my ignorance - for recordng i’ve been using a single CAB/IR block and using one output in to my focusright sound module (am I missing out on anything by doing this?)

Lots of effects have stereo spread of one kind or another. Chorus, rotary sim, reverb…

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Sounds like if I’m recording a tune with some heavy delay etc (which i will be soon), i should be recording in stereo using 2 outputs; thanks for the heads up :+1:t2:

Automatically summing to mono by detecting a single cable setup has now become my #1 request, after realizing that I’ve built all my presets using “multi-out” as my default output, and learning that it doesn’t sum to mono if only one cable is plugged in (i.e. Out 3/L).

I sometimes run different mono or stereo gigging setups, and need the flexibility to have the QC sum mono automatically when necessary, and prefer to keep using multi-out for routing flexibility, rather than switching to single output.

I’ve tried adding the Single (M) block to the end of a few preset paths, but it’s a major hassle if I use many presets on a gig to change all of them, and some heavy CPU presets won’t even let me add any more blocks!.

Furthermore, for some of my stereo FX, I have the “width” parameter set wide for stereo spread, but if I turn on the Single (M) block to make my output mono, those FX don’t work correctly anymore, without going into each block and setting width to 0.

And the worst is having to save all these presets I adjusted for either mono/stereo use, only to forget which ones I changed later when I end up using those presets in a different way. I’ve made such a mess of my main presets trying to make them quickly switchable between mono/stereo depending on the gig, and it’s kinda ruining my life right now.

All these headaches would be solved by the QC detecting a single cable output and summing to mono, or a global setting as @manrik suggests. Wouldn’t have to change anything about my preset design or routing. Please Please Please fix this :pray:


Would love a Super Serial for all 32 blocks.

I currently use a 4 amp block 30 block serial mono preset design with the jumpers between rows 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 with row two sent directly to row 3.