Australia $500 more than USA

I just checked the price here in Australia from several dealers $3199.00 AUD) yet USA seems to be $1695.00 USD or lower. Current conversion rate to AUD should be around $2600. Yes I understand freight and 10% import tax which is around $300 aud. Any one have any idea what the extra $200 for Australian RRP covers?

Or is the standard charge more in Australia for the same product ? LOL

Literally everything is more expensive in Australia. Is this really the first time you’ve seen this?

Australian consumer law is far stronger than most places, so part of the cost will likely be covering that. American price won’t include any sales tax (which some/most americans will have to pay, it’s just calculated at checkout), so you’ll probably find you have import duty AND GST to pay.

Yes I checked the import duties vs sales taxes etc. at least it’s not as bad as some guitar manufacturers where I’ve 1500 plus Australia tax lol

Something else I thought after I’d posted - you’re not only paying delivery shipping, but there might also be an allowance for covering potential warranty shipping to and from the nearest repair location. Not sure where all of those are globally, but international shipping to and from Aus is crazy expensive. Especially if it ends up priority and insured.