Anyone using Tone master Fr-12 with QC

Looking to get an FRFR. Was between a Laney and a Headrush but then spoke to Sweetwater rep and he is recommending a Fender Tone Master FR-12. I can’t find too much info on anyone doing this already with a QC so thought I would check here to see if anyone has experience doing this. Thanks!

I’m not familiar with Fender FR-12 but there are plenty of discussions here about what FRFR cabs people like. Be sure to use the search feature, you can’t miss.

I’ve spent plenty of time in the forums doing just that. I haven’t seen anything about the Tone Master yet so wanted to reach out particularly since it was recommended by Sweetwater and also because, price and weight wise, it sits between the headrush and Laney products.

That cab is so new I wouldn’t be surprised if many people haven’t used it with QC yet. This Ola England video mentions the frfr cab a little and he seems to like it-

Seems like a cool option for an frfr esp with the EQ, and it actually looks like a real cab. I can’t handle the frfr stuff that doesn’t look like a real amp.

I have the tone master Fr-10 and I’m using it with my qc daily. The sound is great and it is loud enough, for every Jam/Gig I had. Just be warned, that it is not silent or near silent, like studio monitors. Other than the slight hiss, I really like it. Looks like an amp, feels a bit more like an amp and the built in EQ is very helpful. Also it is very light and easy to carry around.
For me it’s perfect, but it makes a sound, when it’s turned on. The good news is, the hiss won’t get louder, when you turn up the volume.

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