Any type of synth blocks or synth effect planned?

Hi, I was wondering if any type of synth blocks or synth effects were in the works for Cortex?
Similar to those found in the Fractal Axe Fx.
I really like the ablility to add a synth drone in the background and play over it with a standard guitar tone.
I use a exp pedal to control the mix and volume of each and also have the ability to change the drone notes as well.



I’m really interested in this also. Using the N-DSP as a high-end Zoia would be awesome especially given it has MIDI. If you look at the promotional images it seems there is a synth block:

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I was hoping for the same.

Here’s a sound I’m after -

I guess it’s monophonic with Fractal, but the addition of poly would be a blessing.

Looking forward to Neural DSP giving us an indication of this soon.

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If you can play synths by MIDI it would be awesome since I’ve been toying with the ideia of also having some keyboards on my live setup and not just bass

Polyphonic pitch to MIDI is asking a lot. 4C might have a potent CPU as modelers go but it still might not be enough for pitch to MIDI along with a typical guitar processing chain.

Not sure if tat is what I was looking for. Please let me explain.
On the Axe fx ultra- 2 and 3. I was able to add a “synth block” on a separate signal path and create a synth drone with a volume pedal.

Second example : Iwas able to trigger a synth sound playing the guitar. Like a pad type or string sound.

You could do both of these things all the way back to Axe FX ultra.
I can not imagine with the DSP amount of this unit. This is impossible.

I also can’t imagine more poeple wanting this. To add like a POG effect to their sound.

For me, a synth block wouldn’t be absolutely necessary, but a nice feature. In the AX-FX I use it sometimes as background for a guitar tone.

Does the fractal produce these sounds using midi?

If not, how likely do you think it is for the QC team to be able to develop a similar patch?

Not using midi on Fractal, it’s a EFX Block using the same guitar tone detection as the Pitch Shifter. The quality of this effects also depends on how accurate and quick the detector is, I hope for a good one in the QC. In the AXE II it is rather mediocre, I would say. Much better in the AXE III.

In my last post I wrote a thing wrong, I have an AXE-FX II. :slight_smile:

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Ah ok I get it now. Thanks for clarifying!

Considering the 2 GHz processor on the QC, I’m sure they’ll have sufficient computing power to incorporate such an effect.

I would welcome a Synth block too… It obviously would be mono and a bit limited, But still nice to have, I use the Fractal Synth block all the tine for the old Violin patch … :slight_smile:

Didn’t love the mono synths on the AxeFx and Helix (though the Fractal violin preset is pretty cool). There’s a reason why my Quad Cortex board is gonna have a SY-1 (or maybe even SY-300 if I decide to upsize) on it.

go big or go home SY-1000 or nothing else!

(joking, SY-300 is on my list of potential add-on as well)

I seriously thought about selling the 300 getting the 1000 but I’ve been spending a good bit of money on another hobby and I’m probably not putting a 13-pin setup on any of my Strandbergs.


How many you got?

Three guitars (and a bass). :crazy_face: Pretty much all I play anymore.


I considered going for a Boden Bass but I didn’t had the guts to spend that much and went with a Dingwall