Synth effect

I would love to see a (monophonic) synthesizer block in the QC. I heard new Archetype: Rabbea has one, gonna check it out now and hope they’ll bting something like it to the QC soon…

Yeah, this would be awesome but I don’t think it will come to QC for a while.
In introducing ‘Freeze’ Neural created a ‘Morph’ category of effects so the logical conclusion is that they are going to release weird effects that are unlike the standard guitar effects. It might just take a while.

I’d like to see this too. The device block could respond to incoming MIDI Note On/Off messages. They could develop different models for analog, FM and Wave synths. I’m sure that the QC has the power to do this.

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bump - this would be awesome!

Would love to see this for classic analog waves, oscillators, filters, etc!!

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Yeah I’m really waiting for when synth world will come to the QC !!!

It was teased so it’s very probable that it’s coming (would be very disapointed if not) but when ??

Edit: I personally bought the QC to be the all in one things for me (even sound card) so as i use synth sounds I’m really looking for this, would really love to have only my QC for giging !!!


Yes!! Absolutely!

Hopefully, when the plugins are ported over to the QC, this can be a reality. A couple of the plugins I have contain some pretty synth sounds.

They can obviously make good synth sounds, as we can see in Archetype Rabea. Just port that to QC. I’m interested in that, especially for bass.