Amp fx input / studio speakers/ PA system?

Question to all…Im running the qc through my fx return aka power amp / real amp speakers… Sounds really great like that, sounds like a real amp ok… Has anyone Taken that exact sound and ran it through studio speakers? Maybe a PA system direct out ?? Ive only had the op to run it through my computer and it sounds like complete SH#T/ fake… Fyi I dont expect it to sound the same, i know the difference of the real amp sound but… I bought this to use live/ fly gigs ect. Thoughts? Opinions? Anything ha?

There is an art to tweaking presets for your intended use.
You can’t use the same tone/signal chain/preset for running to a physical amp and cab as you would a front-of-house PA. You have to thoughtfully and carefully construct a preset based on how it’ll be used.
Going to run it into a combo amp? Probably don’t want an amp and cabinet block in your preset.
Going to run it straight into your computer for recording? Most likely you will have to have an amp and cabinet block.

I have a similar setup, one output has an amp sim, but no cab sim and goes to the real power amp / cab on stage.
For the other output, I add a cab sim and then go to full range PA speakers.

Works very well. And if you take a cab sim that more or less matches your real cab, you will get a very similar sound.

Like in this example (from Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro’s presets), where out 1/2 would go front of house to the PA and send 1/2 to your real amp.